Climate Reality, Political Reality

Chris Bowers goes into angry blogger mode on Joe Romm and House Ag Chairman Colin Peterson

Great, just great. At this point, lacking a Progressive Block on the issue, passing a climate change bill appears to require appeasing Collin Peterson and his gang, The Weather Dominators the House Agricultural Committee.

So, what is Tom Friedman’s “indispensable” (now there is a ringing endorsement I’d put in large text at the top of my blog) climate change blogger doing? Writing long articles comparing House Republicans to his two-year old daughter.

Memo to Joe Romm, who writes Climate Progress: Republicans are not the problem right now when it comes to passing your beloved Waxman-Markey climate change bill. Collin Peterson is the problem. Attack him, for crying out frakking loud.

It is all very cute and tempting to attack Republicans. After the last eight, or really fourteen, years, it has become reflexive for almost everyone advocating for progressive causes. However, we need to start getting it through our collective heads that the political reality has changed. Conservative Democrats, ineffective Democratic leadership, and timid progressive advocacy organizations are the problem.

Self-proclaimed political realists like Joe Romm need to start waking up and placing their venom where it belongs. He hasn’t even mentioned the stalled negotiations on the climate change bill, even though the announcement took place more than two days ago. Has Romm become a denier of political reality?

Even beyond the specific case of climate change, this is a general Stop with the irrelevant attacks on irrelevant Republicans. Political reality no longer has anything to do with Republicans. Repeat after me: conservative Democrats, ineffective Democratic leadership, and timid progressive advocacy organizations are the problem now.

He’s being unnecessarily rough on Joe Romm and to some extinct Colin Peterson. I’ve never read Joe Romm say Colin Peterson’s great and should continue whining until all his friends wrangle tons of cash out of the bill and the bill is weakened so much it won’t reduce pollutions for decades. Holding you tongue isn’t denying reality.

On a related note it should also be said that despite all his ranting Colin Peterson seems to want to vote for the bill. He’s not exactly a friend to those future generations which would prefer to not be born world dramatically higher temperatures, raised sea levels, etc, but he’s not an outright enemy either. What’s troubling is Colin Peterson has advanced, more then anybody else before him, the idea that Cap and Trade is part of a coastal elite agenda in opposition to mid-America. For starters half the people in America live 50 miles or less from the coast so if coastal citizens are concerned it’s not necessarily an “elite” concern, so much as a practical one. The reality is that the world’s most vulnerable populations across the globe will suffer tremendous death and ill effect because of Climate Change. If coastal Americans are the only people that care, then it’s poor reflection on mid-America more then on coastal Americans.


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