A classic from the youTubes

I was just reading something about our awesome new Senator Franken and his strong support for Net Neutrality. In fact, he just asked Sonia Sotomayor about the issue as one of his top concerns. Of course, any talk of net neutrality immediately brings to mind the notorious “Series of Tubes” rant by Ted Stevens. Now if he had had his way and companies could limit the bandwidth of things they don’t like, we would never again be able to experience wonderful mashup videos like this one:

And another:

We now return you to our regularly scheduled rabble-rousing.



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  1. Chris on

    At Netroots Nation I was at a panel where they said that Stevens gave that speech on floor in front a half dozen mainstream media types, and one visiting website/techie guy. The MSM guys didn’t bat an eye, but the website guy eventually gave to a no-name internet radio show and it went viral.

    Stevens was upset because in Committee a witness had implied he didn’t understand the Internet.

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