Remember when Conservatives Used to Look Down on People Marching in the Streets?

Here’s a link to an internal memorandum detailing right-wing harassment strategies to defeat reform via TPM

As Alex said in our comment thread Think Progress has been documenting a national campaign of intimidation aimed at members of Congress. In one video of Spectre getting shouted at you can clearly see no more then a third (probably less) seems to be involved in shouting at him, but he still has a hard time speaking.

When left wing protesters made a big stink at the 2000 Inauguration you could hear the sneer of the right echo in the streets. Conservatives were above such things. No longer

I had figured that cultural backlash against Clinton was related to NAFTA and instituting gun control restrictions. Thinking about what’s been instituted recently you have TARP, supported by both Bush and McCain, and the stimulus plan, which was pretty boilerplate stuff: unemployment insurance, trains, and construction projects. What gives?

On a certain level it makes sense. The economy sucks, Obama is the first non-white guy elected to the Presidency, but still it’s heard to understand what this new wave of rightwing protesters wants.

Does anybody seriously expect America to hold a special election because somebody forged a Kenyan birth certificate?


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