Overpopulation and Resources

Andrew Sullivan posted this video and described the claims in it as “controversial”.

Except for the end claim about there being no population problem, I don’t see much room for controversy. As the video depicts proponents of the overpopulation thesis have a terrible track record of predicting doom every 20 years and yes many of them would have had us resort to Social Darwinism and letting people starve.

This absurd track record is part of why, except for James Lovelock, climate scientists tend to keep their predictions loose and somewhat optimistic.

Clearly what is missing from the calculations overpopulation theorists is an accurate sense of the world’s resources and potential food output. That’s what is so scary about today’s world. We’ve got more people then ever before, they are using more resources and eating more food then ever before, and we’re damaging the ability of the ecosystem to be productive, potentially irreversibly.


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