The British Are Sick of Being a GOP Talking Point

Apparently, even conservatives from Britain are sick and tired of being used as an example of the horrors of a public health care system. After one conservative member of parliament went on Fox News to rip on his own healthcare system, and, by implication, warn the U.S. of ever creating a public plan, the leader of the Tory party, David Cameron, went on British TV in strong support of the NHS.

The MSM in the U.S. appears to be essentially blacking out any coverage of the conservative leader’s response, which is why I’m posting here on something that was covered well on DailyKos (by Democrats Ramshield, to whom a major hat-tip!). When we face a MSM blackout, it serves us all to disseminate information widely. As one of my favorite sci-fi authors says “You can’t stop the signal.”

Here’s another video, which includes some comments from the Twitter campaign Brits have set up in support of their health care plan:


Bottom line: rumors of Britons hating their health care system are greatly exaggerated


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