Panetta and the Justice Department

I understand why Leon Panetta is worried about Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation in CIA interrogation techniques, but was he seriously expecting the White House to exert pressure on the Justice Department to not enforce the law?

In general it’s perfectly acceptable for the White House to pressure agencies and departments, but when the Attorney General says he thinks the law might have been broken it’s not OK for the White House to call in and offer their opinion.

Also if Penetta or any member of the Obama National Security team is planning to quit because they don’t want to deal with these torture probes then they really have no place in public service or the national dialogue. If they think their should be prosecutions they should stay and advocate for that position. If they think Obama should shield CIA officials then they should stay and advocate that position.

Everybody knew the interrogation techniques approved by the Bush Administration were a legal minefield when Obama came in, if they accepted a job in the National Security team it’s their responsibility to deal with it.


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