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AHIP and the Lack of Accountability in Washington’s Power Elite

Reading about the AHIP’s decision to declare war on health care reform via this hit job of a research paper they’re passing off as “analysis” one wonders what the exact dynamic is that made people think they were worth bringing into the pro-reform coalition in the first place.

Despite having assured the Obama administration that this time was different they just couldn’t resist the temptation to tell everybody the world will fail apart unless they get lots more money. This is the least the shocking development since the last time Joe Lieberman sided with the Republican party on a major issue, even if they are in effect admitting private insurance can’t keep costs down and provide universal quality care.

I was tempted to compare AHIP to the folk tale about a scorpion that stings a turtle, which is carrying the scorpion across a river, causing them both to perish. The scorpion knows it cannot swim, but stings anyway because it’s his nature to sting. The difference is between AHIP and mythical scorpion is that AHIP stings because it doesn’t think it can be drowned. No level of dishonesty aimed at anybody will have worse consequences for them then the wrath of their members if they think they weren’t aggressive enough in pursuing their agenda.