Don’t Bother Chasing the Media’s Ever Shifting Focus

So I have no idea what the White House is trying to accomplish by attacking Fox News, but nonetheless much of the criticism aimed at suggesting it’s a terrible decision is baseless.

Maybe it won’t accomplish anything to call Fox News biased, but there is no casual mechanism by which it will backfire. Despite the million references to losing focus or attention there is precious little reason to believe that any strategy would cause the media to focus on the substance of Obama’s reforms. Sure the balloon boy might fade into obscurity, but what if Sacha and Malia’s school changes their lunch menu again? What if Rev. Wright decides make jokes about some new ethnic group? More likely you’ll see more dishonest studies and push polls on health care by the enemies of reform, but the effect will be the same the public getting anything but the Obama message.

And it’s not like Obama is canceling security counsel meetings to think of a snarky comment to make about Fox News. The people thinking about how to respond to Fox News spend all day thinking about media, because they’re communications professionals.


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