SuperFreakonomics Super Useful to Climate Deniers

Interesting review of the SuperFreakonomics controversy by Dave Weigel. If you haven’t heard it’s chapters on global warming are:

a “super freaking mess.” According to environmental journalist Joe Romm, it contains “many, many pieces of outright nonsense” and “major howlers.” In The New Republic, Brad Plumer attacked the book for “garden variety ignorance.”

Well right or wrong (they’re definitely wrong!) climate skeptics are constantly complaining about not getting respect despite having ideas that barely pass the laugh test.

Take Gordian Knot of geo-engineering crowd, who’s solution, “would replicate the effect that a massive eruption of volcano ash can have in making the planet cooler.” So the world isn’t ready or able to reduce carbon emissions, so it’s time to consider blotting out the sun? Most of the skeptics aren’t quite so out there, but they don’t paint much a unified view point, with no causal mechanism for explaining the misinformed opinions on global warming except the perfidy and stupidity of environments.


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