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You Down With the DCCC?

Here is Kos in the diary Bronwyn responded to last week.

I know the Politico thinks this is some kind of scoop or trend or something, but fact is, this site has never made a habit of fundraising for the DCCC, or for the party committees aside from some early DNC fundraising when Howard Dean was first elected chair.

For the party committees, as I’ve long said, their number one priority is electing candidates with “D”s next to their names. That’s it. If you don’t want your money going to the likes of Charlie Melancon in Louisiana (running for Senate, voted against health care reform in the House), then don’t give money to the DSCC. If you don’t want your money going to these no votes on health care reform in the House, then don’t give to the DCCC.

I’m not sure that’s controversial, and it’s certainly no shift in site policy.

Well it’s obviously controversial and it is a shift in site policy, although I see can how Kos convinced himself otherwise. In point of fact it’s clearly very different to not encourage something, then to discourage something. To give a simple example Kos, to my knowledge, has never made a habit of encourage people to pay their taxes, but it would be quite the departure from site and policy to discourage people from paying their taxes!

However, Kos has been strongly criticizing certain members of the Democratic party for quite a while and de-funding the DCCC is the logical the next step in that line of argument. It so closely follows it’s easy to see how the lines could blur.

On the same note because it’s very close to what he’s always said I can see why Kos would deny controversy. But it’s a naked challenge to the authority of the Democratic Party; it’s inherently controversial. I suspect it will become increasingly bitter, which will have some negative consequences. If Kos and those that agree with him don’t like the party they have, then they every right to try to make a new one.