Attacking Hadassah Lieberman

In the shocker of the new millennium, Joe Lieberman has decided to be the weasel that he is and is throwing a giant monkey wrench into health reform. His goal of high-minded principle? Drive a stake into the public option and any other provision that would make liberals (especially the netroots) happy as petty revenge for making him sweat in ’06. If a bill dies because that stance endangers the votes of the couple leftmost senators or the progressive wing of the House, so be it. Truly an odious (and odorous for that matter) position.

As you can tell, I ain’t too happy about Holy Joe’s weasel/snake/worminess, so I can just imagine how furious Jane Hamsher and friends are over at FDL. Well, actually we know just how furious they are. This is now deeply personal, so FireDogLake has decided to launch an initiative to try and get Lieberman’s wife fired from her job at a the Susan B. Komen breast cancer foundation (they of the pink ribbons and little else). I understand where FDL is coming from, and there is a part of me that says “right on, it’s about damn time we fight back and play dirty!”

But that said, I personally just can’t support going after any politician’s family for political reasons. Unless Hadassah Lieberman’s position at Komen directly relates to Joementum’s idiotic intransigence (and there’s absolutely no evidence that it does), it’s really not germane to this conversation. Chances are, the move has a greater potential to make the health care bill worse by further entrenching the Party of One’s opposition to anything worthwhile than to make it better by posing a substantial threat to his personal well-being.

Granted, nobody deserves below-the-belt attacks more than that troglodytic scumbag Holy Joe, but there’s more than enough to say about the guy himself without going after his wife. And believe me, I’m saying most of those things. Did you know Senator Joe Lieberman enjoys squeezing cute kittens to death with his bare hands and drinking their blood?


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