Progress on Deforestation

From NRDC Climate Center Director Dan Lashof:

I just watched Hillary Clinton make a bold announcement that should give a lift to the stalled talks in Copenhagen. The administration’s commitment to contribute to a $100 billion global fund to curb deforestation and help the world’s’ most vulnerable countries adapt to impacts of global warming that can no longer be avoided is a major step. But Secretary Clinton made it clear that this step will only be taken if there is an operational agreement that includes transparency on the emission reductions being made by all major emitters.

Right now industrialized countries provide $60 billion in fossil fuel subsidies annually. Just redirecting those subsidies could go a long way toward the funding target as we seek a pathway to a low carbon clean energy future

Preventing deforestation is one of the highest impact climate change responses the world can pursue. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


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