42% Support G”NO”P Policies. If Only They Had Any

Yesterday, via Political Wire:

Americans Prefer Democratic Policies

A new CNN/Opinion Research survey indicates that a majority of Americans believe that the Democratic party’s policy proposals are good for the country, 51% to 46%.

In contrast, a majority of Americans think Republican policies will move the country in the wrong direction, 53% to 42%.

HUH??? No, I don’t think there’s anything invalid about the results of this poll. But these numbers are waaaaay too close for comfort. I’m simply stunned that 42% of respondents actually think Republican policies would be good for the country. What, pray tell, are those policies exactly? More tax cuts for the rich, criminalization of all brown people and bomb bomb Iran?

More testament to the fact that we continue to get our clocks cleaned in the framing wars. I’m really, really tired of losing to these fools.


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