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Republican Donors and Michael Steele

This article seems a little thin on what exactly Republican donors are about upset that Michael Steele is doing:

Steele, who has been making regular television appearances, said Monday that he did not believe Republicans could win back their congressional majorities in 2010. “Not this year,” Steele told Fox News Channel, saying he was just beginning to look at races, even though the party has been recruiting candidates for many months. Believing that Steele’s off-the-cuff remarks threaten to damage the party’s brand — at the very time when Republicans are trying to capitalize on a national political environment that may hurt Democrats — senior aides to top Republican leaders confronted Steele’s staff on a conference call Wednesday.

“You really just have to get him to stop. It’s too much,” a top congressional aide said on the call, according to others on the call, adding that Steele was hurting morale among Republican members of Congress and candidates.

The call turned into “a bickering match,” aides said Thursday, as one top congressional staffer accused Steele of launching “a Republican apology tour at the exact wrong time.” Another congressional aide said Steele was appearing on television “unprepared and unknowledgeable.”

I mean OK his job is to say we’re great and we’re gonna win, but the approval ratings for the GOP are terrible (Dems are only a little better) and they want to him act as if everything is normal? Steele’s ‘we lost our way’ message seems pretty basic and unavoidable.

Additionally a lot of their complaints could be leveled at Sarah Palin (book tour, unscripted remarks) or Mike Huckabee (book tours and his campaign staff used to say the Republicans lost their way and needed a strategy all the time). Maybe these donors where never that supportive of Steele in the first place?