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Name and Shame: Climate Edition

We need more of this kind of thing

I suppose it’s a bit of an odd theory of change, but we really need more social commendation related to opposing measures to address climate change. There is a whole class of people leading the world to what might well be the worst catastrophe in human history and most people just shrug and agree to disagree.

A highly optimistic scenario for climate change is merely the displacement of millions and stifling human progress for decades and pessimistic scenarios include phrases like ‘mass die-offs’.

It’s not a matter of idiosyncratic preference if you oppose addressing climate change, it’s a morally abhorrent position and the basis of opposition is typically empirically false information.


Via Climate Progress the list:

Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, Jack Gerard, Rex Tillerson, Sen. Mary Landrieu, The Swift Boat smearer, Inhofe, David Ratcliffe, Dick Gephardt (!), George Will, Tom Donohue, Don Blankenship, Fred Singer, Sen. John McCain (!), Rep. Joe Barton, Charles and David Koch.