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Making the Green Bank a Reality

We’re doing an event Tuesday on the Green Bank. You can tune into our website to view it live. If you have questions write them in the comments section of this post and the panel will answer them!

Making the Green Bank a Reality
Tuesday, January 12th, 1:00-3:00
121 Cannon House Office Building

Economist and Co-Director of Center for Economic and Policy Research Dean Baker will lead our group of distinguished panelists in a discussion about the Green Bank. The panel will focus on how a Green Bank can create jobs, reduce carbon pollution, and promote energy independence. It will also explore potential ways in which we can build a grassroots movement around the issue.


Exxon Mobile and EITI

To give a concrete example to illustrate that businesses can support ethical regulation of their industry see Exxon Mobile’s support of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Oil companies have broadly engaged in all manner of unethical behavior in negotiating contracts and it made them tons of money. But many of them, including Exxon Mobile, are willing to work towards transparency, which helps the situation greatly. Other companies and industries could follow a similar path, but often choose the unethical path.