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Climate Change, Not Climate Change Legislation is the Threat to Farmers

This line of argument from American Farm Bureau Federation Bob Stallman is not only wrong, but also irresponsibly divisive.

In a fiery speech that kicked off the powerful farm lobby’s four-day convention in Seattle, Stallman said farmers and ranchers must unite to respond to “misguided, activist-driven regulation.”

“A line must be drawn between our polite and respectful engagement with consumers and how we must aggressively respond to extremists who want to drag agriculture back to the day of 40 acres and a mule,” Stallman said. “The time has come to face our opponents with a new attitude. The days of their elitist power grabs are over.”

The remarks were harsher than usual for Stallman, who leads the 6-million-member farm group. Representatives from Farm Bureau chapters across the country are in Seattle this week for the group’s annual conference. Members are likely to vote on resolutions declaiming cap-and-trade legislation, according to members of the organization.

Regardless of the particulars of their objections, American agriculture would be terribly damaged if climate change isn’t addressed. Additionally the ACES bill makes tremendous efforts to kick back money via offsets to the farming sector without firm assurances that the offsets will actually accomplish anything.

And Stallman goes around telling people that farming is being targeted as if the bill was designed to hurt them intentionally. It’s not true and it’s meant to divide America.