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Shaddeg and the Public Option

Mike Stark interviewing retiring GOP Rep. John Shadegg

SHADDEG: Well, you could better defend a public option than you could defend compelling me to buy a product from the people that have created the problem. America’s health insurance industry has wanted this bill and the individual mandate from the get go. That’s their idea. Their idea is “look, our product is so lousy, that lots of people don’t buy it. So we need the government to force people to buy our product. And stunningly, that’s what the Congress appears to be going along with. Why would they do that?

P.S. There really is no “this bill” for health insurance companies to have always wanted and it’s misleading to say so. Some versions of the bill help them much more then others. Even now that the Senate has passed a version of health care reform the final product could change in ways that really change how happy the health insurance industry is with the bill.