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Cradle to Cradle Products

Our Climate Intern Jason Chen talking about his side project Cradle to Cradle Products.

Looking forward to hearing more.



Go Ahead – Smash Your Television

Last night, the unthinkable happened. The Liberal Lion’s seat was lost to a teabagger. I’ll admit, I thought Coakley would pull it out, but she certainly did nothing whatsoever to deserve a Senate seat. In policy terms and getting legislative results, I can’t say I think too much will change, apart from the current trajectory of final health care talks being derailed. Moving forward, the impact of this election is NOT the difference between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown. Rather, since there is a 60-vote threshold on everything, it’s who that marginal 60th vote is. In other words, Ben Nelson or Olympia Snowe? As far as I’m concerned, that ain’t much difference.

No, the real issue here is WHY the Democrat lost a high-turnout statewide election in FRIGGIN’ MASSACHUSETTS. Ted Kennedy’s seat! What happened? Well, we know what the useless, self-important chattering media bobbleheads and their G”NO”P puppeteers will say:

The American people have rejected President Obama

This election means the populace is turning back to Republicans and wants them back in control

The Democrat Party has run too far to the left, and needs to stop being so divisive and partisan

The Democrats and Obama have ignored the interests of their constituents

Some variation of all these statements will be made over and over again, to a sickening degree and with little counterargument, in the corporate-owned media. And the teabagger horde will be worst of all in their feverish glee.

But here’s what’s so frustrating about it: three of those four points are completely ass backwards, and the fourth (Dems ignoring constituents) is true, but for a reason different than the chattering class thinks.

On the first two points, let’s see the recent Research 2000/DKos weekly tracking poll:

President Obama: 55 Approve, 42 Disapprove

Congressional GOPs: 19 Approve, 63 Disapprove

Oh. Right. And this is after a terrible week for Democrats across the board (thanks Harry Reid). So much for that.

How about the third point, that Democrats have been acting too much like scaaaary socialists? Let’s look at a recent Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll.

Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll

So wait, the public is least interested in more bipartisan compromise among all of these things? Huh.

Now to the fourth talking point, that Democrats are ignoring the interests of their constituents. Yeah, I actually agree with that argument. But not in the way the chattering class would have you believe. They want you to think the country is more conservative than Democrats thought, and regular people want less to be accomplished. Quite the contrary. People are pissed off at a broken power structure and want to see results. They are tired of a policymaking process whose primary purpose is to say something was accomplished without upsetting entrenched corporate interests in the least. Remember, the majority of Americans voted for HOPE and CHANGE just a year ago? Simply put, Obama voters of all stripes aren’t seeing the change they hoped they’d get, and are pissed off. And as usual, the nattering nabobs on your teevee will tell you that it’s all your fault for expecting Democrats to do something, anything, with their mandate.

Do yourself a favor. Turn off your television for a few days. Your political IQ – and mental health – will thank you later.