Lessig on Change in a Broken Washington

Professor Lawrence Lessig, an ardent campaign finance reform advocate, the founder of Change Congress and a multifaceted scholar who’s known Barack Obama for twenty years, wrote the cover story for the most recent issue of The Nation, called “How To Get Our Democracy Back.” The guiding spirit of Lessig is much the same as ours: no matter how honorable and well-intentioned a man Barack Obama is, Change will never happen while Congress is structurally beholden to corporate interests because of the constant need to raise large amounts of campaign money. While Lessig advocates a direct solution, voluntary public financing that can level the playing field for everyday citizens, we are working to build the structures for citizens to engage Congress in a new, more robust way. While these tactics are somwhat different, we share the overall vision of a more vibrant democracy, so we applaud his efforts.

Lessig produced a video with his article, which is well worth a watch:


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