Global warming is fake because it’s snowing

Maddow from last week:

Are these climate deniers being serious? They really think that the fact that it’s snowing right now on the east coast is evidence that global warming doesn’t exist?

There are only two possibilities on how false information is spread. One is that the person knows what he’s saying is false but says it anyway, aka lying. Two, the person really believes in what he’s saying, but is just wrong. Out of these two possibilities, I strongly doubt it’s the latter. It’s clear to me that these commentators are just lying because there’s no way they’re that dumb. I don’t believe it.

Rachel Maddow said it nicely. We would think that a specific instance of something happening doesn’t necessarily represent how things are generally in the world. We have to look at trends!!! Isn’t this obvious?

I think what these climate denier commentators are doing is wrong and should stop immediately. These commentators have huge followings; what they say makes a big difference. If their lies are successful in convincing people that climate change is fake, then they might actually end up affecting environmental policy and THAT’S BAD!

As I’ve written before, it doesn’t matter if you believe in climate change or not, our actions should be the same. Fossil fuels are dirty for more than one reason and they’re limited, so WE HAVE TO SWITCH TO RENEWABLES ANYWAY!!!

I think it’s fine if people disagree with climate change so long as they’re sincere about it and don’t affect environmental policy. These commentators are none of the above!


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