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Health Reform Legislative Strategy

So why do you need a decoder ring (and where can I get one) to read the Washington Post’s analysis of Obama’s legislative strategy on health care reform:

Increasingly, the White House appears to favor having the House pass a version of the measure that cleared the Senate with 60 votes in December. The Senate would then pass changes to the bill to satisfy some demands of House Democrats. That Senate vote would take place under a parliamentary procedure known as reconciliation, which requires 51 votes rather than 60.

It remains unclear whether Democrats have enough votes within their ranks for this strategy to work. At the same time, it is only “one option” the president is considering, a senior White House official said Sunday

Do they appear in favor of the House, then Senate Rec strategy or is it the only option they’re pushing? It’s like one paragraph was written with an on the record quote and the other on background for two different stories and then put together.