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Term Limits and Taxes

I’ve noticed that an anti-tax group is running Creigh Deeds bashing ads based on statements he made on the campaign trail.

I’m not sure it’s a very effective ad, but if you’re dead set against any tax increase then it would keep you from voting for Creigh Deeds. Here’s the thing: No matters who wins they’ll be great pressure to raise taxes to relieve budget pressure and because of VA terms limits it’s much more likely that the next governor of VA will never run for state wide office again.

It’s not a huge thing, but Gubernatorial term limits is one less leverage point (i.e. We’ll tag you next election) to achieve that particular objective. In general one-term Governors don’t tend to ‘go rogue’, but you’ve got to think that any activist group which can afford to run ads in expensive media markets like D.C. is going to have diminished capacity to influence office holders if they can’t run for re-election.